A common sense part of our economic growth

Homegrown Natural Resources

Renewable fuels like solar and wind are growing in Indiana -

But to stay competitive we need to do better.

NEW:  Study highlights cost savings and other economic benefits of shift to renewable energy.  Renewables expected to stabilize energy prices and increase business investment in Indiana.


  • Wind, solar, biomass and other renewables are abundant Indiana energy resources.​

  • In 2008, less than 1% of Hoosier electric generation came from renewable energy; and by 2018 that number was up to 6.95%, primarily from local wind projects. 

  • Sixty percent of new electricity generation in Indiana brought on line during 2017 was powered by renewable energy sources.

  • But, Indiana is ranked 36th in the U.S. for renewable energy generation, behind other states in the region, including Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota.

  • Indiana’s ability to offer renewable energy gives us a competitive edge in attracting industries that bring jobs and revenue to our towns.

Hoosiers can lead on all homegrown renewable resources


We are working to help build an Indiana where affordable and cleaner, renewable energy benefits all Hoosiers.  Our purpose is to inform and educate Hoosiers about renewable energy benefits for Indiana.  We believe Indiana’s economy will grow and work best for everyone when there is a mix of energy sources.  Renewable options, like wind, solar, biomass and more, should be a growing part of that mix.

Whether living in a densely populated city like Indianapolis, Evansville, or Fort Wayne, or at a home alongside one of our state’s beautiful farms, renewable energy needs to be a growing part of our future.

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