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Tell Local Officials:  Support Solar!

Write Zionsville local officials to support of solar!

Millions of dollars in benefits from less than 1% of county farmland

The Brickyard Solar Project would generate homegrown, affordable, and clean electricity.  The project is on private land that each landowner should have the right to decide how best to use.

The project would use less than  1% of total county farmland, but would generate big benefits for the entire county:

  • $210  million investment

  • $50 million in property tax payments to Boone County over the life of the project.  Money that can be used: 


To invest in schools

Upgrade infrastructure

Provide broadband internet

Support first responders

And much more


Brickyard Solar is the type of development that brings economic benefits without adding traffic or messy infrastructure changes.  It costs the community almost nothing - and you get all the benefits.

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Rural economic development experts from across the state support new solar projects.


They create local jobs, make investments directly into our rural communities and help protect our agricultural heritage and preserve farmland.

Rural economic experts support renewable projects

Rural economic experts support renewable projects

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