Tipton Commissioners Final Vote on Property Rights Restrictions Expected December 5

Tipton County Commissioners gave initial approval of a plan that bans numerous activities on private property in parts of Tipton County at its meeting on November 21.  If the plan passes on “second reading” at the Commissioners meeting on December 5, the restrictions become final and will take effect.

Widespread opposition to the property rights restrictions prevented Commissioners from passing the proposal outright at their initial meeting.  The restrictions prohibit private property owners from using their land for solar, CAFO, and more, but would allow development for hotels, gas stations or office buildings.  See a full list of banned activities within the overlay district.

“Landowners in Tipton County spoke up and made their voice heard. It’s clear that Tipton farmers, landowners and other residents want the County Commission to respect their property rights,” said Steve Eberly, Executive Director of Hoosiers for Renewables.  “Now, at the December 5th meeting they may still approve this overlay.”

“These restrictions are an overreach, with government arbitrarily picking what can and can’t be done on private property with little to no input from the people who live there,” said Eberly.

“Hoosiers for Renewables stands solidly for farmer property rights,” continued Eberly.  “Farmers are the best stewards of their land, and government should not take their rights away.  Leasing farmland for solar farms is one way any Hoosiers farmers are keeping their family farms prosperous for generations.  Sweeping restrictions like the ones being considered by the Tipton County Commission destroys farmer’s rights, limits their options for opportunities like solar, and undermines their role as protectors of the land.”

About Hoosiers for Renewables

We are working to help build an Indiana where affordable and cleaner, renewable energy benefits all Hoosiers.  Our purpose is to inform and educate Hoosiers about renewable energy benefits for Indiana.  We believe Indiana’s economy will grow and work best for everyone when there is a mix of energy sources.  Renewable options, like wind, solar, biomass and more, should be a growing part of that mix.