Tipton County Plan Commission Votes to Restrict Property Rights


In a controversial 5-4 vote on November 3, the Tipton County Plan Commission recommended a sweeping new overlay district for parts of Tipton County that would prevent farmers from using their land in certain ways, restricting their ability to exercise their rights as private property owners.


“Indiana farmland is owned by Hoosiers who work to keep their property productive and prosperous for their children and grandchildren,” said Steve Eberly, executive director of Hoosiers for Renewables.  “County leaders need to keep in mind their role is to look out for their citizens and protect their rights – not stomp on them and limit how they can use what rightfully belongs to them.”


The overlay enacted by the Plan Commission would prohibit 39 activities within its boundaries, including:


  • Solar

  • CAFO

  • Shooting ranges

  • Oil and gas

  • Supply yard

  • Animal feeding


See a full list of banned activities within the overlay district.


The Plan Commission’s overlay restrictions now go to the Tipton County Commissioners for a final vote.  The Plan Commission is expected to transmit the overlay restrictions to the Commissioners before the end of November, after which the Commissioners have 90 calendar days to act.


“Hoosiers for Renewables stands solidly for farmer property rights,” said Eberly.  “Farmers are the best stewards of their land, and government should not take their rights away.  Leasing farmland for solar farms is one way many Hoosier farmers are keeping their family farms prosperous for generations.  Sweeping restrictions like the one passed by the Tipton Plan Commission destroys farmer’s rights, limits their options for opportunities like solar, and undermines their role as protectors of the land.”