Hoosiers are FOR Renewables

Hoosiers for Renewables released statewide survey results showing strong bipartisan support for solar, and the clean, reliable and affordable energy it can deliver to Indiana. The survey was conducted by Bellwether Research among a statewide random sample of Indiana registered voters.


71% of Hoosiers have a favorable opinion of solar energy projects

Support for solar energy projects is bipartisan

Favorable opinion of solar energy projects in Indiana


Vast majority of Hoosiers agree farmers should control their own farmland – including leasing their land for solar


81% say farmers should control their own farmland, including using if for solar 

Solar Farms are Good for Hoosier Communities

Solar farms have a positive impact on local communities


59% agree solar farms have a positive impact on local communities, because they create good jobs and provide tax revenue for public goods like schools, roads and community centers

Hoosiers Agree Solar is Clean, Reliable and Affordable



A total of 600 interviews were conducted among registered voters statewide in Indiana. Interviews were conducted February 21-26, 2022 with a margin of error of +/- 4.0%. The survey was conducted using a mixed-mode approach including cell phones, online, and traditional landline phone interview methods to create a balanced and representative collection of interviews. Stratified sampling methods, coupled with a listed sample method, were used to obtain the most representative reflection of statewide opinions.

A random sample of 600 Indiana voters out of an overall population of 4.7 million registered voters in Indiana yields a margin of error of 4% within a 95% confidence interval, the accepted confidence level among scientific researchers. This means researchers can be 95% confident that if the same survey were to be taken again, responses would fall within +/- 4% of what was found by this survey.

Read the memo on the survey results from Bellwether Research