Sign the Petition in Support of Renewables in Indiana

Hoosiers Support Renewable Energy

Tell your local leaders to support homegrown renewable energy for Indiana!

The petition says:


We support local renewable energy projects in Indiana.  Renewable energy provides homegrown, low-cost energy and economic benefits for our communities.  Benefits include millions in additional tax revenue for our schools, hospitals, first responders and roads.  To keep Indiana growing, we call on our elected officials to support bringing more renewable energy to our state for the benefit of all Hoosiers."

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Renewable Energy Delivers Economic Benefits for our Communities

Nearby states are winning the competition by welcoming large wind and solar projects that companies like Apple, Google, Amazon and many others are looking for.


Indiana must get on board or risk getting left behind.

Iowa, Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota are all outpacing Indiana on diversifying the mix of energy sources.

It's time we caught up!

A diverse energy mix with more wind and solar:

Renewables mean lower-cost electricity production, now less expensive to generate than from any other source - a trend that is accelerating.

Corporations across the country want renewable energy, bringing more jobs and economic growth!

Show your support for economic growth and prosperity in your rural community!

A renewable energy project in your community means new revenue to support first responders, schools, infrastructure, and public health while helping the economy grow.