Pulaski County Grows with Solar

The construction of solar projects in Pulaski County is not funded by taxpayers, but by private companies making investments in solar energy.  

Your local elected officials will be making decisions affecting the future of solar in Pulaski County.  Write them today and ask their support for homegrown solar energy.

Because of payments made from solar and other renewable energy projects, some rural communities are able to provide highspeed internet access in places where there is none today.  This high speed access is vital as schools and businesses increasingly rely heavily on remote learning and work from home.

Rural economic development experts from across the state support new solar projects.


They create local jobs, make investments directly into our rural communities and help protect our agricultural heritage and preserve farmland.

Billion dollar Investment from less than 4% of county farmland.

The solar projects in Pulaski County deliver the following benefits:

  • $1 billion investment.

  • Over $200 million in construction workforce investment.

  • More than $50 million in contracts will be awarded to local and regional vendors during the construction period.

  • Upwards of $10 million in contracts awarded to local and regional vendors during the operating lifetime of the project.

Farmer Bill Schroeder on the benefits a renewable energy project brought to his community.

Write Pulaski County Advisory Plan Commission Officials in Support of Solar!

Join other renewable supporters!


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