Take Action Now!  Your Local Officials Need to Hear from You!

Write local county leaders and let them know you support solar for Pulaski County! 

We know local leaders are hearing from not-in-my-backyard opponents who are urging them to REJECT solar for Pulaski County.  Pulaski County residents need to speak up so their support for renewable energy is heard.  Don’t let the opposition push these projects to a different county. Keep Pulaski County a leader!

Local leaders will decide the fate of Pulaski solar projects and the economic benefits they could bring to you and your family in coming weeks – make sure to tell them you support solar too!

The Board of Zoning Appeals approved the Moss Creek Solar farm – that’s a step in the right direction.  We also need county leaders to approve the Mammoth Solar farms.  The opposition hasn’t given up the fight – we can’t stop showing our support!

Fill out the form to see a message you can send to your local elected officials!  The email will be sent to Pulaski County Commissioners and the Executive Director of the Board of Zoning Appeals.

Solar Farms Create Economic Growth for Pulaski County


Solar energy farms bring millions of dollars of private investment and tax revenue to the counties and communities that host them.  Proposed solar projects in Pulaski County will provide numerous economic benefits.

The Moss Creek Solar Project would provide approximately $20.5 million in additional tax revenue for Pulaski County.


That’s money that can be used for:

  • High-speed internet

  • Local Economic development

  • Funding for rural schools


Additionally, the Mammoth Solar Projects would provide:

  • $50 million in local vendor contracts during construction

  • $10 million in contracts during the life of the project

The solar farms provide farmers with an additional source of revenue. And 78% of Hoosiers agree that farmers should be able to develop their land as they see fit, including for renewable energy projects.

Companies like Subaru, Cummins, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Salesforce and more view states with access to renewables as a desirable place to do business.  These companies will invest in the local communities and provide jobs and opportunities for people today and for our children.


Access to Broadband

"Investments from renewable energy are actually bringing us reliable high-speed broadband, among other benefits. We couldn’t have afforded any of it if we hadn’t embraced renewable energy."

- Paul Jackson, Director of Economic Development in Benton County

Economic Development for Rural Communities

"What’s going to keep rural America alive? How economically are you going to do that? Renewable energy is on every list. That’s really going to give the resources, the financial resources, to help a community thrive."

- Ceann Bales, Executive Director Randolph Community and Economic Development Corporation


Funding for Rural Schools

Tom McKinney-black-white.png

"Renewables provide a tax base for our schools. It is a huge win-win. You can use the money from renewables for technology, for bus repairs and HVAC repairs. That frees up the cash for the teachers out of the general budget."

- Tom McKinney

Tipton County Farmer

Tax revenue from solar farms support our communities, while making Indiana an attractive state for businesses who want to use cleaner energy. Combined, these benefits offer a better future for our children.


The bottom line:  A better future for our children.