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Tell Your Senator:  NO to Higher Electricity Costs


HB 1414 Could Lead to Higher Electricity Prices – Vote NO


The Indiana Senate is considering legislation that will increase regulation on utilities in the state, which could lead to higher electricity prices.  

The proposal would give the state government new authority to tell utility companies how to generate electricity. The new regulations would come at a time when the state is moving to energy diversity, in response to consumer demand.  Indiana is adding more sources of renewable generation, like wind and solar power, because our utility companies know the cost savings.  Indiana lags behind neighboring states that are well ahead in diversifying with more renewable power generation, making them more attractive to new industry and jobs.

We believe:


  • Duplicative regulatory process adds cost – and the customer always pays the price.

  • Indiana should let the market work – renewable energy like solar and wind is cost-effective and in demand.  

  • The legislation will hinder the move to energy diversity, making the state less attractive to new businesses that bring new jobs.

  • The legislation will stifle opportunities for investment and economic growth in many of our communities.

  • Including renewable energy as part of the energy mix is the “new normal.” We get on board or we lose our ground. 

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