• Connie Neininger

The wind blows and sun shines all over the Hoosier State!

The wind blows and sun shines all over the Hoosier State – that’s what we realized when we looked at the actual distribution of existing and proposed renewable energy developments in Indiana. This is real economic development for every one of those communities.

Hoosiers for Renewables was founded last fall by Steve Eberly because of a frustration that many public officials have experienced – there seemed to be a lack of credible information about the costs and benefits of renewable energy. He knew the support was out there, we just had to help them with the facts.

And just recently, a Ball State University study added to the growing volume of important renewable energy facts. It found that solar and wind generation is now less expensive than any other form of energy generation, and that this new generation will be more geographically diffuse than our current distribution.

Our organization believes that a mix of fuel sources is needed. We’re going to need all kinds of fuel to keep up with demand.

But the facts are plain to see and understand: more utilities and companies are choosing wind and solar because they are the lowest cost option and save Hoosiers money in the long run. And best for you – they provide incredible local benefits, meaning more funds for schools, roads, and first responders.

As we seek to be a useful resource for those interested in learning about the many benefits provided by renewable energy developments, we found there was no central location or list of current or proposed developments, so we set out to create our own. Through other credible organization, news reports, and our own research we are happy to provide to Hoosiers this new resource. We are aware that new projects are announced all the time and that projects change status quickly. We will do our best to keep up.

And while the list is impressive – with more than 60 wind and solar projects either generating electricity or in various phases of construction – there are many more on the drawing board.

That’s a good thing, because Indiana is still playing catch-up – believe it or not! The state of Iowa generates nearly half its electricity from renewable sources. And Indiana has yet to break the 10% mark. We’ve made great progress, but we need to move even faster.

So have a look at our guide to renewable energy in the Hoosier state – a fascinating graphic that we plan to keep updated. Please feel free to email us if you are aware of any changes needed.

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