• Steve Eberly

Thankful for Renewable Energy

As we head into Thanksgiving, I, like many millions of others, always take a minute to be Thankful for the many blessings in my life. And this year, I have some new and exciting changes to reflect upon.

I have never participated in a “startup” such as our Hoosiers For Renewables before. As I have previously shared, the notion that renewables will transform America’s energy supply and grid system is something about which I am totally passionate.

And I have been overwhelmed by the volume of people that have already taken the time to like and more significantly sign up to support Hoosiers For Renewables via our web page, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here in Indiana, we recently experienced the coldest day for a November since record keeping began. There were power outages, both relating to the aggregate demand and the stress upon the distribution infrastructure. Thankfully, our utilities have incredible staff whose job it is to plan, design, construct, and implement solutions to best prepare us for weather extremes.

Here on our cattle farm, we didn’t want to debate the where and how our power was delivered during the cold snap. We just needed it to be ON. There was water to be pumped and heat needed to prevent the stock tanks from freezing up.

But these conditions underscore the importance of focusing on Indiana’s energy and where we want to go to keep our state growing. Renewables – as a reliable, homegrown, affordable and job-creating form of energy – have a big role to play in ensuring Indiana continues to have a lot to be thankful for. I am looking forward to – and grateful for – the role we can have in this discussion.

These are exciting times for the transformation that is happening with renewables and again, THANKS to all of YOU for your support of Hoosiers For Renewables. We have lofty goals to expand the understanding of renewables and it is important that you continue to follow us and encourage everyone to sign up!

Please continue to look to our website and social media as an information resource – where we strive to be timely and, most of all, an accurate source of information relating to the dynamic world of energy production and distribution.

So, when my family sits down around our Thanksgiving table this year I will be thankful that we live in this great state, that we have such incredible, abundant resources, and that I have this opportunity to move Indiana into the future.

What will you be thankful for?