• Steve Eberly

Solar Farm Moves Indiana Forward - Don't Let Your County Get Left Behind

Updated: Sep 20

Something GREAT just happened in NW Indiana – and the good news is that the great thing that happened there can happen all over.

I’m talking about the groundbreaking for Mammoth North Solar in Starke County, attended by the Governor and other dignitaries, all of which made state and international news. More importantly I’m talking about the economic benefits the solar farm will bring to Hoosiers there – and the fact that many parts of Indiana now have the same opportunity to greenlight their own solar farms.

Connie Neininger, our Assistant Director, spoke at the dedication, along with Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb. In her remarks, Connie expressed WHY solar is such a benefit to the people of Starke County, and can be for your region too:

"Solar energy is not new, but it is a new type of economic development for Indiana.

"Economic development is a challenging profession, but even more so in rural communities.

"When I ask people how they describe economic development, most people will relate it to ‘jobs.’

"I’m here to tell you that economic development is not ‘Just Jobs,’ it’s about the infrastructure needs of our communities, providing state-of-the-art schools for our youth, developing a workforce that is prepared for tomorrow’s technologies, ensuring we have safe places to live, work and play, AND providing a sustainable income for our families whether they are living in our cities or in our rural farming communities, such as Starke County.

"Our rural communities need a strong tax base so they can provide the needed services for their residents. That strong tax base comes from company’s – such as DORAL, who are willing to invest $475 million dollars into Starke County alone and close to $1.5 billion dollars in Indiana.

"Mammoth North Solar will work with Starke County’s rural nature by providing the farmland owners a sustainable income that is not dependent on weather, federal trade policies or global grain prices – it’s homegrown, renewable energy that provides a diverse income for our farm families.

"Dr. Michael Hicks of Ball State completed a study on the economic impact of renewable energy in Indiana. He stated, “Indiana is in the midst of an historical shift in fuel use.” That shift is now.

It's not just us talking about the many benefits of solar farms - please watch these short videos included in this post which feature the Governor Holcomb and others talking about the competitive advantages solar farms can provide to Indiana.

And then get involved in your local area when there is an opportunity to support solar farms!

Check out these videos of Governor Holcomb and others talking about the great benefits from solar farms: