• Steve Eberly

Solar Energy Fights Inflation

Updated: Sep 20

Record high gas prices. Rising grocery bills. Soaring inflation. When will it end?

Did you know solar energy is the least costly form of new energy today? That means investing in solar now will provide Indiana with the lowest-cost form of energy available in the years to come. And, it will mean stable and reliable prices for you – once active, there are no ongoing fuel costs because the sun is free! Let’s take advantage of that bright sun that has beamed down on our fields for years.

Low-cost renewable energy also acts as a local economic engine. A new energy policy study concluded that “on average, U.S. counties where wind energy was built saw increases in per-capita income of 5%. The same academic study concluded that the economic impacts were directly caused by the installation and operation of the wind farms.

Like other new business, solar farms pay property taxes, helping lessen the tax burden on local residents.

In Jasper County, where they are facing the closure of a coal generating station that helped provide 20% of the county’s tax base, solar is helping save the community. The local Economic Development Director says that with solar, the land will be valued at about $13,000 per acre, up substantially from an estimated $1,250 per acre! The planned project in Jasper County is estimated to generate $24.5 million in revenue for the county, reported the Chicago Tribune. So not only does solar help keep our energy costs low, it can help keep our property taxes low too!

Across Indiana, we see communities taking their future into their own hands and welcoming solar. Let’s fight energy inflation and demand that we use the lowest-cost form of new energy. Let’s welcome solar.

Remember, solar is good for our wallets – and our economy!