• Steve Eberly

Renewable Energy is a Part of Indiana's Future

Welcome to Hoosiers for Renewables! I am Steve Eberly, Executive Director of our organization dedicated to providing education about renewable energy and support for development across our state. While we are prioritizing larger wind, solar and biomass projects that provide affordable renewable energy to many customers, we certainly understand in today’s world all forms of electrical power generation must be a part of the mix.

So please join me today. Find out more here about how Hoosiers for Renewables will support renewable energy across our state.

On a personal note for those of you who know me, Jean and I celebrate 45 years together in a few weeks. Yup, we are members of the generation that had the “wedding reception in the church basement” complete with the Tupperware for the potato salad. We have had a good run and our children are close enough by the farm that we can see our grandchildren whenever we want.

There is a lot to do regarding the energy thing. In the past, energy discussions have centered on many agendas: availability, security, cost, safety, and now we are in a transformational period in which industry experts must now create the mix as to HOW the electric supply will be generated. The public is already engaged, but what a monumental task we must accomplish to enable the public and policymakers to understand and sort out the WHY our supply mix is changing.

I was a college student at Purdue in the 1970’s … when Earth Day was founded and the first solar installation in the country happened on roof of the White House. I’ve never been an activist, but environmental awareness and clean energy are just part of “my time.” I had a career at Purdue that spanned nearly 30 years, served over a decade as an elected Commissioner in Warren County and then head of economic development for Warren County. And, I still run a farm that has been in my family for decades.

I believe renewable energy will be a part of our future for a lot of reasons, including support for our rural communities. Renewable energy projects, such as those embraced by electric utilities and rural cooperatives like Hoosier Energy and Wabash Valley Power Alliance, bring millions of dollars in tax payments that support schools, first responders and other services.