• Steve Eberly

Indiana has Reason to Celebrate American Wind Week

American Wind Week takes place every August. Now in its 15th year, American Wind Week, hosted for the fourth time by the American Wind Energy Association, celebrates the accomplishments in advancing wind energy and recognizing the benefits wind brings to communities across the U.S.

Wind Week recognizes wind energy workers, citizens, and businesses who support further investment in renewable energy to sustain our future.

From truck drivers to farm field tile work, and even down to our local pizza shop, wind projects bring economic strength.

As Executive Director of Hoosiers for Renewables, I am proud to head up our Indiana organization dedicated to providing education, advocacy, and especially to celebrate the home-grown energy from Hoosier wind. Within sight of our farm, the Jordan Creek Wind project is progressing, and we certainly look forward to it going online soon. I continue to be amazed by the economic transformation that the project has brought to our region. From truck drivers to farm field tile work, and even down to our local pizza shop, wind projects bring economic strength. For the long haul, we are going to see an increase in county tax revenue, increased assessed valuation on homes, and some good local jobs. As I have said many times before, and will continue to say, the confidence that financially strong county balances bring to a county’s philosophical approach towards progress is immeasurable. With confidence in our future, we can plan for a stronger community.

As we celebrate American Wind Week, let’s take a minute to marvel at the accomplishments right here in Indiana:

  • Installed wind capacity: 2,317 MW, ranking 13th in the United States (but can’t we do better?)

  • Number of wind turbines: 1,264

  • Wind capacity under construction: 232 MW with another 900 MW in advanced development (Now this is exciting!)

  • As of 2019, wind energy provided 6% of all Indiana electricity production (This is up in recent years, but we can do better, and need to if we want to see more diversity in our energy generation mix.)

Source: AWEA

If we want to stay as a leader in manufacturing jobs, and with low-cost energy, wind energy needs to continue to be a growing source of energy in Indiana. A diverse energy portfolio will be critical. Hoosiers for Renewables salutes the wind industry as it gains strength in Indiana and beyond.

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