• Stephanie Wells

Indiana County Leaders Have Questions, and Hoosiers for Renewables Has Answers

One of the great things about being a part of Hoosiers for Renewables is the opportunity to connect with community leaders throughout Indiana and learn about what is important to their residents and what challenges they are facing at home. Most often, these conversations revolve around how many rural Indiana counties are struggling with maintaining critical infrastructure, such as roads, schools, and public safety.

Hoosiers for Renewables and our supporters know that renewable energy projects bring tangible economic development opportunities to communities – which can include the urgent infrastructure needs for cities, towns, and counties of all sizes. But, many questions remain as these projects are proposed in rural communities. That’s where our organization can help.

Some questions we often receive include how much additional tax revenue a community might expect from a renewable energy project, how many jobs a project will produce, how a project will benefit the local environment, and how community leaders might maximize the net benefit to their county?

Knowing that these questions remain top of mind for many county leaders, Steve Eberly and I were delighted to attend the 63rd Annual Conference of the Association of Indiana Counties in September. This annual conference is a great opportunity for local government officials and staff to share ideas, network, and enjoy beautiful Southern Indiana. While there, we were able to engage with several counties about best practices around renewable energy development and answer a variety of questions about solar and wind project development generally.

We extend our thanks to the good folks at the Association of Indiana Counties, who provided us with a great opportunity to meet with local leaders in such a collaborative and proactive way.

This is just one example of how Hoosiers for Renewables provides information and assistance to Indiana communities as they navigate the development of renewable energy projects. A great resource that outlines the potential for renewable energy in Indiana is a study by Dr. Michael Hicks of Ball State University, and I encourage you to check that research out today!

As we continue to build upon our expertise, while simultaneously adding more voices to the growing chorus of renewable energy supporters, Hoosiers for Renewables will always remain focused on our commitment to advancing renewable energy projects in Indiana that provide energy diversity and economic development opportunities for our rural communities.