• Steve Eberly

Hoosiers For Renewables Statement on Passage of HB 1414

Indianapolis, Ind. - March 11, 2020 – In response to the passage of House Bill 1414, Steve Eberly, Executive Director of Hoosiers for Renewables said today, “Although we managed to avoid a bill that slows renewable energy development, we are very disappointed that our legislators spent so much time debating legislation to limit the energy options in Indiana.”

Hoosiers for Renewables believes it is crucial to economic development in our rural counties and job growth across the state that Indiana remains open to renewable energy development. Businesses are looking to expand and grow in states where they have access to renewable energy, and Indiana needs to be first in line. Otherwise, said Eberly, “We’re going to lose jobs and money to our neighboring states.”

Hoosiers for Renewables is a rapidly growing organization, having signed up over 17,000 renewable energy advocates in less than four months, many of whom let their legislators know that HB1414 could send the signal that Indiana is closed for business.

Eberly concluded, “We hope Governor Holcomb and legislators take note of this outpouring of voter support and consider the economic development aspects of continued development of renewable energy.”

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About Hoosiers for Renewables:

Formed in 2019, Hoosiers for Renewables is an organization dedicated to educating the public about the benefits of local and affordable renewable energy and the positive impact of embracing renewable energy economic development in Indiana. Hoosiers For Renewables currently has over 17,000 supporters statewide. To learn more or join our effort, please visit www.HoosiersForRenewables.com.