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Hoosiers for Renewables Applauds Indiana Energy Task Force for Recognizing Renewables as Economic Driver


Warns Some Recommendations Create Unintended Barriers to Progress and Endanger

Millions in New Revenue for Communities


Pine Village, IN – November 19, 2020 -- Hoosiers for Renewables, an organization with more than 20,000 Indiana supporters, agrees with many of the findings of the 21st Century Energy Policy Development Task Force, a two-year state legislative effort that examined the current state of electricity generation in Indiana, but is concerned with statements that could lead to a slowdown in this critical transition. The Task Force makes several recommendations for the state to consider as the pendulum swings away from reliance on fossil fuels as the primary source of electricity generation in Indiana.
“We agree with the Task Force’s findings that renewable energy is key to remaining competitive and attracting businesses.  We also agree that it’s clear there is high demand for renewable energy – among utilities, Hoosiers, and large and small companies across Indiana, the country, and the world. And, as the report points out, there are widely different local ordinances that are a barrier to renewable energy growth.
“Indeed, there are five pillars of energy policy -- reliability, resilience, stability, affordability, and environmental sustainability. For all of those reasons, it makes sense to encourage the deployment of renewable energy sources to help diversify our energy mix and to have state policies that remove barriers and encourage new investment,” said Steve Eberly, Executive Director of Hoosiers for Renewables.
“However, Hoosiers for Renewables is concerned by some statements and recommendations within the Task Force report that we believe will hinder the natural transition of our energy mix. We fear that misguided attempts to slow this transition and pick winners and losers will only hurt Hoosiers, limit our utilities ability to provide diverse sources of energy, lessen Indiana’s competitiveness with other states, and hinder much needed economic development opportunities for our communities.  Renewables provide a shot in the arm to many local communities, an opportunity we don’t want them to miss.
Renewable Reality
Indiana is in the midst of a history-making shift in fuel used to generate electricity, in large part driven by the falling cost of renewables. Electricity generation from wind and solar energy is now lower than the cost of natural gas or coal, as noted in a recent Ball State Study.
More than 70 solar and wind projects are either generating electricity in Indiana or are under development.  “Even more projects are on the drawing board, reflecting the announcements of utilities and companies throughout the state that they intend to invest deeper in renewable energy.  As a Ball State study recently found, more renewables will stabilize energy costs for individuals and businesses and help to develop a home-grown source of energy production,” Eberly said.
Eberly added, “These projects, widely distributed throughout Indiana, will provide previously unseen economic opportunity for many rural Indiana counties – providing millions in new revenue for schools, first responders, broadband, and other critical government services, while offering a new opportunity to Hoosier farmers.”

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