Low Cost, Reliable Renewable Energy
A common-sense part of our economic growth
Affordable and reliable energy for our families.
  • Electricity generation from renewable energy sources is now lower than the cost of natural gas or coal.​​

    • In 2019, coal generation was $109/megawatt hour and natural gas was $56/megawatt hour.

    • Over the past ten years, wind energy costs fell from $135 to $40/megawatt hour.

    • Over the same period, solar energy prices dropped from $369 to $40/megawatt hour.

  • ​NIPSCO has said that “…in addition to the economic benefits that projects like these add, the transition we’re making in our electric generation equates to an estimated $4 billion in cost-savings for customers over the long-term.”

  • With an increased use of wind and solar in the years to come, Vectren officials state “…the switch will save customers an estimated $320 million over 20 years…”

  • With growing renewable energy, reliability of the electric grid is unchanged

    • In 2018 the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) concluded that grid reliability has been unchanged with older generation retirements and newer additions of renewable energy generation.

    • Indiana is part of the 15 state MISO region, which monitors and coordinates supply and demand of energy generation. “One result of this is that energy reliability is now mostly a problem of unplanned interruptions resulting from major events, such as storms, which account for the vast majority of all service interruptions.”