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Renewable Energy Projects Deliver Local Benefits

Tell Gov. Holcomb - Keep Indiana Competitive:  Support Renewable Energy

 Wind and Solar Energy in Indiana Creates Local Jobs

A recent study says that if the expected demand for renewable energy from commercial and industrial customers is met, Indiana could see $5.78 billion in new investment and up to 25,000 new jobs.


Wind and Solar Keep Indiana Competitive 

Indiana is ranked 36th in the U.S. for renewable energy generation, behind other states in the region, including Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota.

Big companies looking to locate are demanding access to renewable energy.  If Indiana doesn’t have it – they will find another state. 

Some of Indiana’s biggest employers – including Salesforce, Best Buy, Cummins, Eli Lilly, Walmart and Unilever, have already asked the governor to make sure to include access to renewable energy in the state’s energy planning.

Wind and solar provide Local Economic Benefits 

Renewable energy projects generate large tax gains for communities, reducing the burden on local taxpayers.

Renewable projects provide tax revenue for schools, hospitals and first responders.

Renewable projects provide direct cash support to farmers and other landowners.  It’s a guaranteed steady income for decades.

Wind and Solar are Low-Cost

Solar and wind costs have dropped an extraordinary 89% and 70% since 2010, respectively.

Utility companies are increasingly choosing renewables as a low-cost fuel for the future. For instance, one large Indiana electric utility is saving its customers up to $4 billion by replacing older fossil fuel plants with wind and solar farms.