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Hoosier Renewable Energy Facts
Homegrown Natural Resources for Indiana
Renewable energy is homegrown, low cost and provides economic benefits.


Homegrown Natural Resources for Indiana

Renewable energy like solar and wind is growing in Indiana – but we can do better. 

  • Wind, solar, biomass and other renewables are abundant Indiana energy resources.

  • According to a recent IU study examining preferences for renewable energy among different ideological groups (liberal, conservative and moderate), “… the broad consensus favored a future in which the nation primarily relied on renewable energy and used much less fossil fuel.

  • In 2009, slightly more than 1% of Hoosier electric generation came from renewable energy; and by 2019 that number was up to 6.95%, primarily from local wind projects.

  • Sixty percent of new electricity generation in Indiana brought on line during 2017 was powered by renewable energy sources.

  • But, Indiana is ranked 36th in the U.S. for renewable energy generation, behind other states in the region, including Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota.

  • Indiana’s ability to offer renewable energy gives us a competitive edge in attracting industries that bring jobs and revenue to our towns. In 2019 nine of Indiana’s biggest companies requested better access to renewable energy.


Keep Indiana competitive and our economy growing with renewable energy.

Solar generation is expected to grow to 16 gigawatts, compared to 500 megawatts we have now, but none of that is guaranteed without community and statewide support.  

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Low-Cost, Reliable Renewable Energy

Affordable and reliable energy for our families

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Local Benefits

Millions in additional tax revenue for schools, hospitals, first responders and roads

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Wind and Solar Energy Creates Local Jobs

Thousands of direct and indirect jobs are created by renewable projects.