Henry County Grows with Solar

The construction of the Greensboro and Bellflower solar projects are not funded by taxpayers, but by private companies making investments in solar energy.  The projects will deliver more than $200 million in private investment, and millions in additional property tax payments.

Write Henry County elected officials in support of solar!

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Millions of dollars in benefits from less than 1% of county farmland

The Greensboro and Bellflower solar projects deliver big investment and economic growth to the county:

  • More than $200 million in investment

  • Millions of dollars of additional property tax payments to Henry County.  Money that can be used: 

    • To invest in schools

    • Upgrade infrastructure

    • Provide broadband internet

    • Support first responders

    • And much more

Rural economic development experts from across the state support new solar projects.


They create local jobs, make investments directly into our rural communities and help protect our agricultural heritage and preserve farmland.

Rural Community Renewable Benefits

Rural Community Renewable Benefits

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Farmer Bill Schroeder on the benefits a renewable energy project brought to his community.