You plant it once, but it can harvest energy and money for years - and that money can fund better internet, our schools and more benefits for all of us.

Hoosiers have long made a living from the land.

Today that includes farming the sun.

Farming the sun is a new opportunity we can't afford to miss!

Solar energy projects are just a different way to earn a living from the land – farming the sun.  

Solar farms provide farmers and surrounding communities a new source of income and revenue.
Hoosier counties that open the door to solar are welcoming economic opportunity.


  • Payments to landowners of $20 million per year

  • New tax revenue to Hoosier communities of $37 million per year

  • Capital investments of $7 billion in renewable energy projects in Indiana.


Solar farms temporarily use just a fraction of total farmland in a county – but provide benefits to everyone.


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Hoosiers Share How Renewables Have Helped Their Communities

Rural Community Renewable Benefits

Rural Community Renewable Benefits

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Local Benefits of Solar

Solar Farms are just another way for farmers to earn a living from the land and diversify their income, letting the land used for solar rest and recover.

Because of payments from solar projects, many rural communities will be able to fund schools, first responders, community centers and highspeed internet.


Farmer Benefits

  • 81% of Hoosiers agree that farmers have the right to choose what they want to do with their land, including develop renewable energy.

  • Only a small portion of farmland in a county is used for solar projects, while providing million of dollars in benefits to the county.

  • Farmers can let their land used for solar rest and recover, so it can be returned to crop farming when the solar panels are removed.

  • The solar companies are responsible for removing the panels at the end of the lease.


Community Benefits

  • Solar farms are investments from private companies that pay millions to our communities with property taxes.

  • To date, the renewable energy industry has delivered significant benefits to Hoosier communities, including:

    • $7 billion in capital investments

    • $37 million in annual tax revenue for rural communities

    • $20 million in annual payments to Hoosier landowners

  • Revenue from solar farms can be used for:

Revenue for Schools - One Example of Renewable Support in the Community