Tell Elkhart County Officials to Support Lower Carbon Emissions in Indiana

The Elkhart County Commissioners will meet on September 19 to decide the fate of the proposed Elkhart Solar Project, which would provide 18,900 Hoosier homes with clean solar energy.

State leaders have recognized the need to transition Indiana to a more diverse mix of fuels that include cleaner sources of electricity generation,  like solar power.  Approval of the Elkhart County Solar Project means Elkhart County can help lead the state.

Tell Your Elkhart Commissioners – Support the Elkhart County Solar Project!


Solar Energy Means a Reduction in Carbon Emissions

  • Solar energy projects will help lower carbon emissions in Indiana. 

  • Solar energy is better for the environment than other traditional sources of energy.

  • Advancements in technology, like battery storage, are making it possible for energy from the wind and sun to be banked until needed. 

  • Solar energy is becoming more efficient and capable of producing more energy than before, thanks to advancements in technology. 

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Solar is Not Just Cleaner - It's Low-Cost

  • The unsubsidized price of solar energy dropped by 89% in 10 years and is less expensive than coal or natural gas.

  • Once a solar farm is built, there is no “fuel” cost since energy from the sun is free. Headlines we see today about skyrocketing energy prices are largely because the price of gas, oil or other fuels are increasing.  That is not a factor with solar energy!

  • The more solar energy on the grid, the more stable energy prices become.

  • If Americans want lower and more stable electricity costs, the answer is homegrown solar energy – energy we can make right here in Indiana – right here in Allen County


Solar Brings Economic Growth to Nearby Communities

Solar farms provide farmers and surrounding communities a new source of income and revenue.  Hoosier counties that open the door to solar are welcoming economic opportunity ad growth.


  • Over 10 years, Randolph Southern Schools benefited with $1 million in capital infusion from renewable energy projects

  • Between 2008 and 2018, taxes on Benton County renewable energy projects have allowed the county to give $3 million to schools


Rural High-speed Internet


  • Border-to-border broadband service for Randolph County residents, funded by $4 million in renewable energy payments

  • Three-county project in western Indiana delivering fiber direct-to-home for 75% of the population

County Services and Infrastructure

  • EDP Renewables committed $300,000 to support local community projects in White County, which will go to support volunteer fire departments, community parks, downtown beautification, and more

  • Between 2008 and 2018, taxes on Benton County wind farms have allowed the county to give more money to medical services and $35 million for new roads

Hoosiers Share How Renewables Have Helped Their Communities

Rural Community Renewable Benefits

Rural Community Renewable Benefits

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