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Renewable Energy Delivers
Local Benefits
Revenue for Your Community
Millions in additional tax revenue for schools, hospitals, first responders and roads.
  • Renewable energy projects generate large tax gains for the communities, supporting services and reducing the burden on local taxpayers.

    • Between 2008 and 2018, taxes on Benton County wind farms have allowed the county to give $3 million to schools, more money to medical services and $35 million for new roads.

    • A proposed solar farm in Lake County will invest at least $200 million in the project, and over the life of the project will generate $40 million in property taxes.

    • The proposed Brickyard Solar Project in Boone County is a $210 million investment projected to bring in $27 million in tax revenue.

    • In Warren and Benton Counties, the Jordan Creek Wind Project will pay local taxes of $1.6 million per year.

    • In Howard County, the proposed Emerald Green Solar Project, projects $30 million dollars in tax revenue for Howard County over the life of the project with $19.8 million going to the Eastern Howard School Corporation

  • Renewable projects provide direct cash support to farmers, providing a steady, reliable income for decades.

    • Landowners leasing their land for turbines will receive more than $2.5 million per year at the Jordan Creek Wind Project.

    • Through 2018, EDP wind farms have paid over $59.1 million in lease payments to Hoosier landowners.

    • Statewide, Hoosier family farms receive between $5 and $10 million annually in lease payments.

  • Renewable energy investments benefit local schools and first responders, help build and improve roads and provide other resources for local government.

    • In Randolph County, they are embarking on project to bring equal access to broadband throughout the county thanks to $4 million from wind farm payments.

    • Speedway Solar will make a $1.6 million economic development payment to Shelby County once the project is built, that includes a $600,000 for Shelby Eastern Schools.

    • An economic development fund generated by wind farm revenue in White County provided $3 million in incentives to save a cherished local amusement park, which provided local jobs and tax revenue.

    • In August 2020, EDP Renewables committed $300,000 to support local community projects in White county, which will go to support volunteer fire departments, community parks, downtown beautification, and more

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