Advisory Council

Hoosiers for Renewables works to encourage a more diverse energy portfolio in Indiana by advocating for the continued growth of wind and solar developments. The Advisory Council provides advice to our organization as we seek to help Indiana communities understand the economic benefits of renewable energy..


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"As a member of the Advisory Council, I look forward to helping educate people as well as continuing to educate myself regarding the renewable energy industry. I look forward to seeing the benefits associated with wind and solar investments in our communities throughout the state. These investments create an improved local tax base leading to additional revenue that can be utilized for critical infrastructure investment."

Jeff Banning, President, Banning Engineering

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"In rural Indiana we make things, we build things, we grow your food, and now we are going to be producing your energy.  And the wave of the future is renewables.  And those counties in Indiana that embrace renewables will be preparing themselves and their citizens for the remainder of this century."

Greg Beumer, economic development consultant and former Randolph County state representative


"I'm in my 70s and I see renewable energy as the wave of the future, something that's going to expand opportunity to rural areas.  It's about better monthly wages, education, our environment.  Renewable energy is a way to add value to rural Indiana, something I embrace after a lifetime devoted to my community and economic development."

Randy Haymaker, retired Hoosier Energy electric cooperative executive and Past President of the Indiana Economic Development Association

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"It's incredible how far renewable energy has brought us since the beginning of wind energy in Benton County.  Renewable has brought us more than we could have ever imagined. It is actually bringing us reliable high-speed broadband, among other benefits. We couldn't have afforded any of it if we hadn't embraced renewable energy."

Paul Jackson, Director of Economic Development in Benton County


“Indiana’s economy is built upon manufacturing and agriculture. Industry is often attracted to Indiana because of our low electricity costs and our talented labor. As the cost of doing business increases, it's vital to Indiana’s economic future to remain on the technological forefront, and that includes investments in renewable energy.  Hoosiers For Renewables will help make that a reality.”

John Roudebush, Program Chair Energy Technology and College Professor at Ivy Tech Community College


"I see no other way to sustainable development if we don't move to clean energy.  We do have to meet our current energy demands which are growing, and reverse the environmental damage we are doing.  Renewables provide opportunities for economic development, so it's a win-win scenario.  If we don't get on that bandwagon, we will be losing the future."

Shweta Singh, Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering and Environmental and Ecological Engineering

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