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Renewable Energy Projects Deliver Local Benefits

Tell 21st Century Task Force:  We Need Low-Cost Renewable Energy for Indiana's Future

The 21st Century Energy Policy Development Task Force, comprised of a handful of state Senators and Representatives, will meet to hear from energy experts and debate Hoosier’s energy future, including renewable energy. They need to hear from all of you! 

  • Electricity generation from renewable energy is now lower than the cost of natural gas or coal.

  • Renewable energy projects bring tax revenue, investments and jobs to rural Indiana counties.  The projected benefits of a single 50-megawatt solar or wind project includes 250-477 jobs and more than $1 million in property taxes per year.

  • Renewable energy projects are planned or underway in 33 Indiana counties.

  • As renewables grow, Hoosier energy jobs will increase from 29,000 to 33,000 statewide.

Which future do we want for Indiana?  Continued focus on just one energy source?  Or an all-of-the-above approach that includes a greater share of clean, low-cost wind and solar energy? 


Renewable energy projects will help Indiana thrive.  Write legislators today!

Electricity generation from renewables is now lower than the cost of natural gas or coal.